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  1. Design and build UI for blockchain products including Marketplace, Defi Protocol, and dApp on Browser
  2. Participate in building UX by creating sketches, wireframes, and prototypes
  3. Work closely with the product development departments (QA, Developer, Product Manager) to select design options throughout the product/service project
  4. Partially support the Marketing team on the design and shape of brand publications such as infographics and website design
  5. Perform all other duties assigned by the leader
Yêu cầu công việc



  1. Graduated in Graphic Design, Web Design, or related fields
  2. Minimum of 1 year of experience in UI/UX design
  3. Have a great aesthetic taste, enjoy working and researching user behavior
  4. Proficient in design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma
  5. Have knowledge of design and fine arts
  6. Understand modern design trends and principles
  7. Regularly update new technologies, standards, and user interface design trends


  1. Self-motivated and good teamwork skills
  2. Responsible and able to execute tasks accurately while meeting deadlines
  3. Proactive and able to manage work
  4. Proficient in problem-solving and troubleshooting
Quyền lợi ứng viên


  1. Attractive monthly income, up to …./month. Salary review 2 times/year.
  2. Unlimited year-end bonus, depending on product's revenue and your contribution to the project.
  3. Opportunity to learn knowledge of constructing and developing NFT products from the CEO, Leader, and other members during the working process.
  4. Support to build a career development path for yourself.
  5. Dynamic, creative, and professional working environment.
  6. Modern and professional equipment, serving the needs of the job.
  7. Participate in cultural activities, events, team building, vacations with the company every year.
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thời gian ứng tuyền từ: 2023-03-06 10:19:56 đến 2023-03-27 00:00:00. Yêu cầu các kỹ năng: danh mục công việc: Thiết kế Website, UI UX, Thiết kế Banner, Poster, quy mô dự án: . Phương thức làm việc fulltime. Công việc được đăng tại trang web Yêu cầu kinh nghiệm: 6 tháng - 1 năm . Hình thức trả lương theo:

Elpis Battle
A company operating in the field of technology. With a team of experienced personnel, extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, creativity, and spirit of non-stop conquest. Elpis Battle is oriented to become a leading technology ecosystem in the world. With a long-term vision and a methodical investment, we are looking for a talented Full-time UIUX Designer to join our team to help shape and build our company in the long journey ahead.
Thông tin cơ bản
Cần tuyển: UIUX Designer
Hạn chót: 2023-03-27 00:00:00
Địa điểm: Hà Nội
Hình thức: 6 tháng - 1 năm
Mức lương: Thỏa thuận

Quy mô dự án:

Phương thức làm việc: fulltime

Yêu cầu kinh nghiệm: 6 tháng - 1 năm

Hình thức trả lương: Theo

Người đăng: Elpis Battle

Ngày đăng: 2023-03-06 10:19:56

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